Team Description Paper

Click here to download our 2015 Team Description Paper (TDP).

Published Papers

Year Title Author
2015 Indoor Localization by Denoising Autoencoders and Semi-supervised Learning in 3D Simulated Environment Amir Shantia, Rik Timmers, Lambert Schomaker, Marco Wiering
2015 The Neural-SIFT Feature Descriptor for Visual Vocabulary Object Recognition Sybren Jansen, Amir Shantia, Marco Wiering


Year Title Author
2015 Implementing and Optimizing a Robot Audition System Ben Wolf
2012 Real-Time Human Pose and Gesture Recognition for Autonomous Robots Using a Single Structured Light 3D-Scanner Tim van Elteren
2010 Environmental feature extraction and comparison using a rotating Infra Red sensor Marc Volger
2010 The effect of using negative information on the accuracy of FastSLAM Marko Doornbos
2012 Automatic navigation based on pure vision Amirhosein Shantia, Jorge Davila Chacon, Simon knuijver
2011 Interactive scenario interpretation using scripts Bas Hickendorff
2011 Human detection, tracking and recognition Florin Schimbinschi, Ron Snijders, Paul Neculoiu
2011 Learning to follow a person using reinforcement learning Aleke Nolte, Valentina Richthammer
2011 Object Recognition and Manipulation Egbert van der Wal
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