Amir & Nao gone viral!


Last weekend, Amir thought it would be a good idea to kill some time by dancing with one of our Nao robots, Persian style! Not only that, he recorded the whole thing and shared it amongst his friends. Two days later, the clip has gone viral in Iran and now Dutch media is catching on as well.

“My dear friends, thank you for your kindness and support of this video. I never thought that this video will go viral. Due to your kind comments, I thought that it is necessary for me to explain the story in detail to make sure nothing is ambiguous for the viewers.
I made this video during the weekend while I was doing experiments with our domestic service robot. When our main robot, Alice, was being charged, I thought it would be fun to dance with Radio Javan podcasts with the Naos. The dance script is not mine; it is part of the robot software application. The original script is for Valentine Verbrand (Evolution of Dance). The credits to this artist was part of the description of the video, and I mentioned it an all the channels that I had access to. I just matched the music with the movements, and danced with the robot. I sent the video to my friends, and my journalist friend, Arman Eslambolchi posted it on YouTube, and promoted it through his channels. I hope that you enjoyed the music and had fun dancing.”

Original Dance Script: Valentin Bertrand(TheAmazel), Evolution of Dance
Music: DJ Taba, Aboatash, Radio Javan
Dance: Amirhossein Shantia & NAO(Zuko), our robot

News coverage:
RTV Noord, Hart van Nederland, Dagblad van het Noorden, Interview with OOG TV.

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