Second day of the competition


The second day started with the person recognition test. Alice first had to scan a person, and after that she had to find the same person again in a group of six. Alice was not able to track the specific person, but she was able to tell us that there was one woman in the group.

The GPSR test went very well. She completed most of the tasks that were given to her. She had to entered the area trough the door, then executed one randomly picked command, which contained navigation, human-robot interaction and robot-object interaction, and after accomplishing the assigned task, Alice had to leave the area. By completing the first two tasks, we won this challenge.

The last test of the day was to wake somebody up, and to provide the sleeper a breakfast. Alice woke the sleeper up by gently saying ‘please wake up’ and turning on the lights. When the person was awake she asked what he sleeper wanted for breakfast. He said to want a digestive in milk with apple, which Alice started to provide for him. Unfortunately while driving to the kitchen Alice hesitated to go through the door and the time was up. Fortunately this was enough to win the challenge.

Alice action Alice gpsr_1 Alice, Rick en Anton

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