Setting up: Day 2


The second day started early, to be in time for the openening ceremony. It was inspiring to see how much the Iranian RoboCup competition has grown in the last 10 years.
The Team has been busy all day with programming and testing Alice, preparing the presentation of tonight and with making models of the object, which has to be recognized in the coming tests.
Alice knows where all the objects are in the arena and can navigate in it.

Another occupation of the Team are interviews. There’s a lot a international and national media-attention for the BORG team, and they have a lot of questionss for us. They are very interested in where we come from, which study we do and what we think of Iran.

Tomorrow is the big day that the competion starts. The first assignments will be navigation, manipalution and speech detection.

Aan het werk met de robot Ben en Timmers aan werk Anton lichter Smit, interview

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