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Hearing the forest through the trees


Ben has made some recordings in the past weeks on the busiest places in the Bernouilliborg on the University campus. In stead of looking for speech or other foreground signals, the goal was to find loud background signals. Imagine a robot trying to understand you inside a cafeteria or during the break at a lecture. […]

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Even the best need help


As we prepared for the demo for the faculty board, everything went great! Sudo understood its messages, could robustly approach the table and furthermore navigate to the table and the instructors. Sudo’s goal was to go to the instructor, ask and order and pick it up. Unfortunately, everything didn’t exactly as planned. I would like […]

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Demo Faculty Board


Sudo played a barkeep today! Sudo found an instructor, took an order and delivered a soda can. The actual demonstration was a bit rocky, but Sudo pulled through!

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Sudo, we have grasping


Rik Timmers has put a lot of effort in getting the Mico arm to work with ROS. Just in time for the demo’s — the arm can grasp an object in a given x,y,z position.

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New robot base navigating


We’re just starting to work with our new robot base, making sure that all our sensors from Sudo work correctly with our new robot. In this video, you can see it navigating autonomously and with a functioning obstacle avoidance using voxel costmap.

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Getting ready and armed


We have gotten the arm just before the Robocup competition in Magdeburg, but we have had several problems using this academic version of the arm. Rik has put effort in rewriting some part of the drivers and we’re now able to control the arm via the behaviors in our BORG architecture. A planned trajectory can […]

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German Open troubles


Unfortunately we didn’t get to go to the finals in the German Open 2014. With the broken pioneer and the new configuration of Sudo we had some unexpected problems. Even the family size pizzas couldn’t help us. But with the new members and new idea’s, we’ll be sure to hit the competition back with Sudo […]

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